Timing belt replacement is the “must-do” service which every car owner should know about. Maintaining your timing belt can save you from an unexpected breakdown and in the extreme cases can help us avoid thousands of pounds in repairs.

Why should I maintain it?
Should the timing belt break, the potential damage and eventual costs can be huge. A broken timing belt can result in the engine being written off, resulting in a hugely expensive engine rebuilt.

What should I do?
To avoid expensive engine repairs, we recommend regular timing belt checks and replacement if any damage is found. Different vehicle manufacturers specify different intervals for timing belt replacement, usually between 40,000 to more 120,000 miles or five years – whichever is sooner. It is important to remember that if a damaged timing belt is not replaced, it could possibly break at any time resulting in costly engine damage.

Symptoms of Problems:

A high-pitched sound.
As the timing belt wears out, it starts to produce a high-pitched shrieking or whirring sound. You should be able to hear this especially as you start the engine up. When the engine is idling you may hear the sound as well. If you think that you hear an unusual sound of any kind, it’s a good idea to stop your car and examine the engine.

Visual damage
You can also access the timing belt and inspect it visually. Spots of oil or coolant are signs that the belt is wearing out. A good, healthy belt should be entirely clean and free of these spots or other signs of wear and tear.

Difficulty starting up.
Timing belts that aren’t working will cause your vehicle to have a hard time starting up. If it takes several tries to get the engine to catch, there are many potential problems that could be responsible. The timing belt is one of the most likely

If you think your timing belt might be due for replacement, give us a call today with your vehicle details and mileage and we will let you know if and when your timing belt is due to be replaced. We can also detail the cost of timing belt replacement for you.

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